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Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter

Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter

This flexo printing machine is a production line. It is composed of front edge feeding, flexo printer, slotter creaser and rotary die cutter. Due to the adoption of PLC controlling system, every step of this flexo printer slotter CUM rotary die cutter can be controlled manually or by computer. At the same time, all the parameters are displayed in digital. The sensors of this printing machine are from famous brands to ensure the normal operation. Each component of this flexo printing machine is equipped with limit switch. If one of them is separated, the feeding roll will break automatically.

Feeder of Flexo Printing Machine:
1. Positioning of side guides
2. Positioning of back stopper with pre-set.
3. Distance of front gates and the distance between upper & lower feeder rolls. The front of black is fed frictionally in vacuumed foundation and the rear of blank is fed by kick feeding in vacuumed condition. Vacuum is controlled in center part of blank and unnecessary friction is lessened in this part.
4. Bad feeding is detected by parallel checker and main motor is automatically stopped.
5. Paper waste-power removal device is equipped with for accurate and uniform printing performance

Flexo Printer of Flexo Printing Machine:
1. Positioning of pull-collars. Distance between upper & lower pull rolls, and distance between pining cylinder and press roll for board thickness are adjustable automatically by pre-set. 2. Maximum 4 printing units are available and multicolor printing by using Mesh-Die is possible. 3. 'O' point of printing by using mesh-Die is possible. 4. Flex C-3 ink saving device makes ink changing quick, cuts down ink losses and saves cleaning water. (Option)

Slotter Creaser of Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter:
1. Four main shafts precisely ground with hard chrome plated for easy movement of creaser & slotting heads. 2. Creaser and trimming heads are provided on first two shafts and the other two shafts are provided with slotting and corner heads, which can be easily moved according to the box size. 3. Dial gauge with gear system is provided on one side of slotting shaft to adjust the slot.

Rotary Die Cutter of Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter:
1. Our die cut system has an upper die drum & a lower urethane anvil drum. Polyurethane Belts are wound on steel drum. So, urethane cover is easily and partially replaceable and cost is inexpensive. 2. Positioning of pull-collars and adjustment of distance between upper & lower pull rolls are automatically done by pre-set. 3. Urethane Anvil Cover Scraper and Circumferential Speed Synchronizing Device assure unsurpassed precision of die cut.

Why choose us?

Main Specification of YH-Q800 Series Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter:

Specification 1200×2500 1200 ×2800 1600×2500 1600×3000
Max sheet size (mm) 1200 ×2600 1200×2900 1600×2600 1600×3100
Max printing area (mm) 1150×2490 1150×2890 1550×2490 1550×2990
Max operating speed (pcs/min) 150 150 130 130
Standard plate thickness (mm) 7.2
Min. slotting distance (mm) 270×80
Machine power 45
Weight (kg) 38000 38000 39000 38000
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 11000×5500×22000

  Main Specification of YH-T600 Series Flexo Printer Slotter CUM Rotary Die Cutter:

Specification 1400×2500 1400×2800 1600×2500 1600×3000
Max sheet size (mm) 1400×2600 1400×2900 1600×2600 1600×3100
Max printing area (mm) 1350×2490 1350×2890 1550×2490 1550×2990
Max operating speed(pcs/min) 120 120 100 100
Standard plate thickness (mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Min. slotting distance (mm) 270×80 270×80 270×80 270×80
Machine power 37 37 37 37
Weight (kg) 38000 38500 39000 40000
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 11000×5500

As a professional supplier of flexo printer slotter CUM rotary die cutter (flexo printing machine) in CHINA, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper processing, printing and packaging machinery for customers, such as paper cutter (A4 copy paper cutter wrapper/A4 paper cutting packaging machine), can printing machine (metal plate printing machine), flexographic press, hot foil stamping machine, die cutting, folder gluer, etc. With high quality assurance, our products are popular in markets including Ukraine, Russia period, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, to name a few.

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