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Spot Coating Machine

JGA-104 Spot Coating Machine

This JGA-104 high speed spot coating machine (UV luster machine) is mainly used for the coating and lutering all kind of thick and thin paperboard and sheet. It also can be used as local glazing machine. The highly automatically electrical design leads to high efficiency. There is imported UV dry system used for this machine to dry the printed matters completely, and an energy-saving dim-out setting is available to save operating cost for it. Otherwise, the specially designed fold diameter impression cylinder can efficiently reduce press effect, caused by surface tension of the lustering oil. And also it can decreases orange peel, improve brightness of the printed matters for the adoption of the cylinder.  

1. There is automatic high-speed sheet feeding machine for feeding, ensure stable and reliable sheet feeding.
2. There is also well-designed front guide, pulling guide and swing-down sheet transfer mechanism.
3. The swing-down sheet transfer mechanism of this equipment can shake foreign materials out on the surface of printed matter, which in turns leading to luster surface bight and smooth.
4. Swing control of sheet transfer with conjugate cam reduces vibration noise and makes working environment silent.
5. The specially designed fold diameter impression cylinder can efficiently reduces press effect decreasing orange peel, improving brightness of the printed matters.
6. There is high accuracy reticulate pattern roller for oil supply, which leads can control oil mass effectively and lustering oil uniformly distributed.
7. There are also quick exchange device of anilox roller, which can exchange anilox roller with different lines as different glazing requirements in time.
8. For the collection section, there is low noise guide rail for sheet collection that makes the sheet collected smoothly.
10. The cylinder gears of this spot coating machine (UV luster machine) are made of high strength alloy, with robust structure and stable accuracy.
11. In the mean while, there are steady frame and base to ensure a long turning without vibration.

Why choose us? Main Specification of JGA-104 Spot Coating Machine:
Max. Sheet Size 720×1040mm
Min. Sheet Size 340×406mm
Max. Coating Area 710×1020mm
Paper Thickness 80-450 gsm
Machine Speed 8000 sheet/hour
Total Weight 10500 kg
Total power 67.75 kw
Dimension(L×W×H) 8400×3000×2240mm

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