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Main Products:
We provide a wide variety of paper processing, printing equipment and packaging machinery for customers, to list some of them as follows.
1. Paper Cutter
The HSE-A4 type paper cutter is a paper scroll unwinder cutter with rotary cutter suite for copy paper.
The CK series roll paper sheet cutter is a high speed paper roll to sheet cutter.
The 67ET paper cutter is a hydraulic type and a kind of numerical paper cutting machine.
The QY type programmable paper guillotine is a high quality one program control paper cutter.
2. Offset Printer
This ZX-320 intermittent printing machine is a kind of intermittent label offset printer
The ZMB104-AL offset perfector can also call offset perfecting press.
MP-450 type is a sheet offset printer with double color printing.
3. Flexographic Press
GF series is a flexo CI printing machine with central impression flexographic pressing ability.
ZBS-320/320G press is a kind of label flexographic printer. 
The XH-300 printing machine is a kind of automatic label screen printer.
XHR Series is a flexo label printing machine.
YH-800 type is a gear driving printing machine with 8 colors flexo printing.
4. Hot Foil Stamping Machine
TYM1050JT stamping machine is automatic web-fed hot foil stamping machine.
5. Die Cutting Machine
TL780 type is a kind of automatic foil stamping die cutter.
The YH die cutter is a kind of automatic flexo printer slotter and flexo die cutter.
6. Folder Gluer
Folder gluer ZH-1600BFT is a kind of digital machine, with touch screen, PLC controller, photoelectric counting, and automatic sheet kicker.
7. Laminating Machine
This YHZB-1100A type is a kind of automatic paper laminating line for cardboard laminating.
The JGA-104 laminating machine is a kind of spot coating machine with UV luster function.
The SAFM-800/1100 laminating machine is a kind of thermal film laminator for paper thermal laminating.
The ZK laminating machine is a kind of automatic laminating machine for paperboard laminating.
The HQFM-1020 Laminator is a high speed hydraulic one with working speed of 0-60m/min.
8. Coating Machine
QSGC series paper coating machine is a kind of UV roller coater.
9. Automatic Case Maker
The AFM series case maker is a kind of book cover making machine
10. Bag Making Machine
There are ZB960C paper bag making machine (paper bag production line), ZB50B handbag bottom gluing machine, ZB series handbag making machine, WFD-400food paper bags making machine, GT-800 woven bag production line (fabric bag making machine) offered here.
11. Rigid Box Maker
The RB6040 type automatic rigid box maker (rigid box production line) is a kind of machine to producing luxury paper boxes for packing product such as shoes, shirts, jewelry, gifts, wine and so on.
12. Woven Bag Production Line
We offer GT-800 type woven bag production line (fabric bag making machine) authorized by China, Germany and Taiwan patent for our company.

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