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Roll Paper Sheet Cutter

Roll Paper Sheet Cutter

This CK series roll paper sheet cutter (paper roll to sheet cutter) is a kind of high speed paper process machine that is very popular in the paper making market.
Our CK series paper cutting machine adopts the advanced Germany and U.K technique. The machine can reach to a cutting speed as high as 350 sheets/min or 350 m/min, and speed in 160 sheets/min (90 m/min), 250 sheets/min (250 m/min), 300 sheets/min (300 m/min), 350 sheets/min (350 m/min) is optional for customer choice. Regarding the cutting precision it is about 1000 mm ±0.3 mm.

CK-1400, CK-1450, CK-1700, CK-1900, CK-1900A

Structure and Feature:
1. Motor: High grade Germany top brand, Kymmene servo motor and AC frequency converter
2. Conveyer belt: adopt Japan NITTA for this machine.
3. Pneumatic vibrator, adopt FINOLEVA from Switzerland.
4. Electrical control system: SCHNEIDER and OMRON, which can ensure a fast and stable performance.
5. Cutting precision: we adopt precise bearing and cutting knife from Germany to ensure high cutting precision.
6. Regarding the screen, we use controller of soft touch computer screen that is simple and convenient for operation.
7. In the meanwhile, there is anti-curve racks that can assure the paper flat.

Why choose us? Specification of CK Series Roll Paper Sheet Cutter (High Speed Paper Roll to Sheet Cutter)

Indices CK-1400 CK-1450 CK-1700 CK-1900 CK-1900A
Cutting Method The up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed
Cutting Length Range 450~1450 mm
Thickness of Cutting Paper 60-550 gsm
Paper Piling Height Max 1200 mm (65"), Max 1300mm (65"), Max 1650 mm (65") (Optional)
Cutting Precision The cutting length 1000 mm ±0.3 mm or 1000 mm ± 0.5mm (Optional)
Max. Cutting Speed 160 sheets/min or 90 m/min, 250 sheets/min or 250 m/min, 300 sheets/min or 300 m/min, 350 sheets/min or 350 m/min (Optional)
Gross Weight 6000 kg, 7000 kg, 8000 kg, 11,000kgs, 13,000kgs, 15,000kgs, 17,000kgs
Max. Scroll Diameter 1400 mm (55"), 1700 mm (67"), 1900 mm (75")

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of case maker, laminating machine, flexographic printer for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of roll paper sheet cutter (paper roll to sheet cutter), paper processing, printing and packaging and its trend of development. With paper cutter, flexographic printer, paper coating machine, folder gluer of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

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