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Intermittent Label Offset Printer

ZX-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printer

The intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer) ZX-320 is a kind of servo controlled rotary printing equipment with 2-6 colors printing ability. This machine is more precise and fast then flexo press, with the maximum printing length up to 350mm and the running maximum speed up to 63m/min. What more, it is a kind of digital (numerical) offset printing machine with touch LCD screen, faster CPU, 12inch operating display. And also there are independent touch screen in each printing unit, powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-guide inspecting display interface. All those make the machine reach to high quality, easy operation and efficient for PS label offset printing.

Structure and Advantages:
1. Exact servo control system: the adoption of exact servo lead to great printing stabilization. There are 15sets of servo motors in total for whole machine (6color).
2. Regarding the printing unit, we heavy offset printing unit, with 19pcs of ink rollers, 4pcs of form roller and 4pcs of water rollers (alcohol dampening system).
3. This machine uses nice ink working system to avoid streak trouble, which in turn ghost image efficiently and improve the printing quality.
4. This printing machine use shaft less transmission system, there are 15sets of servo motors, every printing unit transmitted by an independent servo motor, which can ensure the exact color registering precision during high speed operation.
5. Regarding the position system, operator just need to put the printing length on the main control panel, adjusting the color register, and then each printing unit will be motioned to the right position automatically. So that the machine can work with the feature of time saving as well as material saving.
6. Mention the color registering system, as the adoption of independent motor in each printing unit, the motions, both vertical and horizontal can be controlled by each independent motor. With the video still system, the machine can print in vertical and horizontal registering without stopping, which also lead to a quality prove as well as producing capacity increasing.
7. Refer to the printing area and printing speed, which cares a lot by our customers, this machine can print a super large area of 300×350, and maximum printing length up to 350mm and the maximum speed as fast as 63m/min.
8. In the meanwhile, the machine equipped with high-precision photocells, and it can ensure multi-register print on both sides, result the machine in variety label pattern.
9. What more with the independent structure, each printing unit of the intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer) equips with clutch device to be stopped independently by lifting away when needed, which in turn prolong using life.
10. Regarding the options of this machine, there are flexo UV varnishing unit (both solid and spot), rotary die-cutting unit can be choose. There is only one big magnetic die-cutting cylinder that in turns saving the tooling cost. And different die cutting work is available by change the flexible die. 
11. Regarding the digital ability, the machine, we adopt touch LCD screen, faster CPU, 12inch operating display. There is independent touch screen in each printing unit, along with powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-guide inspecting display interface, and instant alarm signal. All those device makes operation of the intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer) much easier and more efficient.
12. There is PS plate intermittent printing adopted for this machinery, meet with the high, mid or low capacity printing task of high-level demands.
In all, this intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer) ZX-320 is an ideal choice for print firms to produce the high-grade adhesive labels.

Why choose us? Parameter of ZX-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printer:
Model ZX-320
Printing speed 50-180 time/min
Printing color 2-6 colors
Max. printing length 350 mm
Max. web width 320 mm
Max. printing width 300 mm
Max. unwinding diameter 600 mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600 mm
Power supply 3phase 380V
Total power 33.6 kw (without UV power)
Dimensions(L×W×H) 8850×1600×1850 mm
Weight 9.5 T

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer), paper cutter, printing machine, printing and packaging machinery for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of paper processing, printing and packaging and its trend of development. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

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