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ZB50B-1 Handbag Bottom gluing Machine

ZB50B-1 Handbag Bottom gluing Machine

ZB50B-1 handbag bottom gluing machine enables you to get rid of traditional manual work and will bring substantial development to your enterprises through machine work. Improved on the basis of ZB50B, ZB50B-1 handbag bottom gluing machine maximizes the former one’s strengths and minimizes its weaknesses. By adding to it automatic paper feed unit, the manufacture helps enterprises to reduce dependence of manual operation. The newly installed hot melt glue adhesive system on this bag gluing machine fastens and simplifies the gluing process, and this, will greatly improves your efficiency and increases your profits.

Operation Procedure of ZB50B-1 Handbag Bottom gluing Machine
Tube Feeding— Bottom Automatic Folding —Gluing—Bottom Pasting—Bag Outputting

ZB50B-1 handbag bottom gluing machine places the finished bottom folded paper bag into the feed unit for servo motor to drive it to the next unit. With the unique positioning mechanism on the machine, each and every tube is positioned precisely, after which bag’s bottom will be automatically folded, glued, pasted, compressed and then finished products are outputted. Touchscreen is employed and controlled by optical fiber. Among the one gluing system on this handbag gluing machine, four glue hoses and four spray guns equipped, the glue gun can be independently controlled as to the amount and tape length of glue, and the four guns can also be operated simultaneously. With all those improvements, the most remarkable characteristic of this bag gluing machine is that, it makes the gluing even, the folding accurate, and the speed high.

Applicable Paper
Kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, and white cardboard (including film laminating paper) are all applicable paper on this handbag bottom gluing machine.

  A B C
Max. Size 600mm 450mm 180mm
Min. Size 200mm 200mm 60mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB50B-1 Handbag Bottom gluing Machine
Bottom Width 60-180mm
Total Power 6kw
Machine Size 7000×1500×1700mm
Speed 100pcs/min
Total Weight 1.8T
Glue Type Hot-melt Glue

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