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ZB1100A Sheet Feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine

ZB1100A Sheet Feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine

ZB1100A sheet feeding bag tube forming machine is an excellent choice for mass production of bags from special paper and different types of laminating and coating paper, especially for making top grade luxurious handbags. With several patented techniques adopted, this tube forming machine can be adjusted conveniently and run precisely at high speed.

This tube forming machine can save you much time by adopting the precise automatic positioning system and frequency converter to regulate the speed. Its equipped digital display screw rod adjustment device can accurately size bags to meet your personal needs.

Operation Procedure
Paper Feeding—Gluing—Pasting—Tube Forming—Tube Outputting

Applicable Paper
Applicable paper types on this tube forming machine include: kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, white cardboard (including film -laminated paper).

  A B C D
Max. Size 1020mm 600mm 150mm 350mm
Min. Size 600mm 350mm 60mm 230mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB1100A Sheet Feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine
Max. Sheet(LXW) 1020×600mm
Min. Sheet(LXW) 600×350mm
Sheet Weight(art paper :180-300g) 150--350gsm
Bottom Width 60-150mm
Total Power 6.5kw
Machine Size 8075×1960×1730mm
Speed 70pcs/min
Total Weight 4T
Glue Type Hot-melt Glue

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