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YHZB-1100A Automatic Cardboard Laminating Machine

This YHZB-1100A automatic sheet cardboard laminating machine is a kind of paper laminating line used for laminating of hangtag, wine box, shoes box and so on, with the finished product is not only precise in laminating, but also very firm and even.
This machine, with the advantages of automatic production, high efficiency, can greatly reduce output cost; in turn help company create considerable benefit.

1. In the paper feeding process, we use Feida vacuum paper guide (new type) to face paper and body paper separately, at the same time, we adopt overlap paper feed way. So paper feed process can be more steady and precise.
2. In the pasting process, we paste of the body paper is based on different surface paper requirement; so as to we can adjust pasting thickness.
3. This cardboard laminating machine (paper laminating line) is equipping with remote control pasting adjustment system. As a result, even if the machine is running, the pasting work will still keep thinner and evener, in turn increasing work efficiency and saving glue water.
4. This machine can couple high strength grip paper compound roller for locating and pasting. The process is that:
First press the face and the body paper, and then using strong pressing in roller to delivery stacker, and pressed the two paper four times. At last the products will be piled in three sided even way, with the height of 1650mm.
5. We use Siemens PLC programmable controller, multiple pressure, and automatic control hydraulic station for this machine.
6. The finished piled paper will directly enter into next process such as die cutting, no need of glue drying.

Why choose us? Main Specification of YHZB-1100A Automatic Cardboard Laminating Machine:
Max.pasting size 1100x800 mm
Min.pasting size 400x400 mm
Work speed 1200-4800 pcs/h
Paper thickness 200-1500 gsm
Total power 19.1 kw
Weight 10.5 T
Dimensional (L x W x H) 7600x2000x2200 mm

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