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DGM80 Glue Machine

DGM80 Glue Machine
DGM80 glue machine consists of press roller, paste roller and so on.
The press roller goes up and down through hydraulic system pneumatically.
Its position can be adjusted.
The paste roller surface has netted lines and is coated with hardened chromium, which keeps the glue machine rotating after machine stopped.

DF14 Double Facer
Double facer is made up of master transmission roller, press roller, hot bake channels and cylinder.
The master transmission roller is covered with herringbone wear-resisting rubber.
The press roller of the warming section rises and falls through hydraulic system.
The hot bake channels are equipped with 14 pieces 600 mm wide plane dryer cylinders.
The cylinders are made of wearing-resisting and low-distortion materials. Its surface is milled.
The surface of this double facer can be grinded.
The upper blanket is equipped with pneumatic tensioning gear.
And the lower left machine is installed with manual tensioning device.


Specialized in printing and packaging machinery, Lantytk® Corp manufactures and provides five layer corrugated paperboard production line of good quality and high performance. The production line we provide includes four parts. And each part of this production line consists of various machines or tools like glue machine, double facer, mechanical roll stand, and more.

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