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Post Pad Making Machine

Post Pad Making Machine

The post pad making machine we produce is designed for the following working processes: gluing, pressing, cutting, modeling. The machines mainly involved in these processes are press machine, paper cutter, punching machine and automatic slant die-cutting machine. In the above mentioned punching machine, we have five different models for you to choose from: LPM-150, LPM-220, LPM-280, LPM-400, and, LPM-500.

LPM-150, LPM-220, LPM-280, LPM-400, LPM-500 Punching Machine
LPM series label punching machine is the major product of our company and is your good option for mass producing labels, playing cards, aluminum plastic, New Year cards, note books, and envelopes of various design and size. This punching machine has an average production of about 900, 000 pieces per hour and boasts high precision.

1. Hydraulic pressure system is adopted on LPM series label punching machine. This system includes several push-cube self-adjusting devices installed on each “V” hold, in which place the pack will be placed to make sure that the paper is positioned and pressed homogeneously.
2. A photoelectric cell is installed on the working table of this label punching machine to provide a safe operating condition for operator. This unique installment also makes possible a quick change into the hollow punch.
3. The working process has a good stability.
4. The die cutting products of this punching machine has smooth surface and unified size of high precision.
5. The durable knife of this punching machine experiences the process of six high-quality die, and is featured of high accuracy, high hardness and high wearability.

The quality of paper products produced by this punching machine is closely related to the knife installed.

Main Technical Parameters of LPM Series Label Punching Machine
Model LPM-150 LPM-220 LPM-280
Maximum Cutting Size 100×100mm 150×150mm 190×190mm
Minimum Cutting Size 55×40mm 55×40mm 90×70mm
Stack Height 200mm 200mm 200mm
Cutting Pressure 16KN 30KN 40KN
Working Speed 12000Sheets/Min 12000Sheets/Min 12000Sheets/Min
Power 1.5kw 2.2kw 3kw
Net Weight 300kg 360kg 560kg
Package Size 1200×850×1400mm 1450×850×1500mm 2300×850×1600mm

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