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Thermal Film Laminating Machine

Thermal Film Laminating Machine

This automatic film laminating machine is composed of hand feeder, laminator, anti-curl bar, pneumatic separator and receive table. Thermal film laminating machine is widely used for the lamination of certificates, documents, drawings, advertisements and books etc. The filmed products feature waterproof, durable, with clear picture and good spatial effect, etc. This film lamination machine is designed and manufactured to finish both lamination and separation processes at a time.

1. Adopt the imported brand PLC control and touch screen display, this automatic film laminating machine can work with high precision.
2. The thermal film laminating machine adopts one-piece structure design which makes it running stable and lengthens the machine’s lifetime.
3. The main motor of thermal film lamination machine adopts famous brand frequency converter control.
4. Equipped with anti-curve device, this automatic film laminating machine can prevent curvature of filmed paper sheets. It means when the laminated paper goes through anti-curvature device and it won’t curl after cutting.

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Main Specification of Automatic Film Laminating Machine:

Model of Thermal Film Laminating Machine 720 1100
Max. paper size 720×940 mm 1050×940 mm
Min. paper size 300×300 mm
Suit thickness 100-500 g/m2
Working speed 5-50 m/min
Laminating temperature 80-120 ℃
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 8×1.5×1.8 m 8×1.9×1.8 m
Total power 17 kW 25 kW
Total weight    

As a professional supplier of automatic film laminating machine in CHINA, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper processing, printing and packaging machinery for customers, such as paper cutter (A4 copy paper cutter wrapper/A4 paper cutting packaging machine), can printing machine (metal plate printing machine), flexographic press, hot foil stamping machine, die cutting, folder gluer, etc. With high quality assurance, our thermal film lamination machine are popular in markets including Ukraine, Russia period, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, to name a few.

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