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ZB1300B Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine

ZB1300B Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine

ZB1300B sheet-feeding bag tube forming machine is among the best choices for manufacturers to mass produce bags, especially top grade luxurious handbags, from special paper and different types of laminating and coating paper. This bag tube forming machine enjoys several patented techniques and its up-to-standard operation procedure and advanced data management solutions make possible a speedy and stable bag making process.

1. By adopting touchscreen operation, this bag tube forming machine runs at high speed and precision, and can be adjusted conveniently.
2. The machine has on it two optional gluing systems: holt-melt gluing system and adhesive spray system, renders the products pasted quickly and head to the next procedure quickly.
3. The layering paper collecting & pressing device installed on this bag tube forming machine is capable of conducting pasting, compressing, overlap outputting at a high speed, which significantly improves work efficiency.

Big Side Folding Process
Paper Feeding—Gluing—Tube Forming—Pasting—Tube Outputting

Small Side Folding Process
Paper Feeding—Small Side Folding—Tube Forming—Pasting—Tube Outputting

Applicable Paper
Kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, white cardboard, (including film—laminating paper) are all applicable paper types to be processed on this bag tube forming machine.
  A B C D
Max. Size 1250mm 600 mm 185 mm 430 mm
Min. Size 500 mm 280 mm 55 mm 185 mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB1300B Sheet-feeding Bag Tube Forming Machine
Max. Sheet(LXW) 1250×600mm
Min. Sheet(LXW) 500×280mm
Sheet Weight 100--350gsm
Bottom Width 55-185mm
Total Power 10kw
Machine Size 12100×2240×1700mm
Speed 100pcs/min
Total Weight  6T

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