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Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

This bottle blowing machine can be used for production of various carbonated drink bottles, mineral water bottle, medicine bottle, oil bottle, cosmetic bottle as well as beverage bottles.

1. This fully automatic blow moulding machine can be directly connected with the filling machine, which can save the investment on the expensive bottle unscrambler.
2. Adopting high technology Micro PLC controller, our bottle blowing machine can work properly and stably.
3. Compared to other fully automatic blow moulding machines in the market, our machine can save 50% energy due to its sole heating electricity conservation design.
4. This automatic bottle blowing machine adopts special mould locking clamping system, so the production efficiency can be increased by 1.5 times.
5. This full-automatic blow molding machine can realize remote control.

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Parameters of Fully Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

Item Standard (2-CAVITY) Combination (4-CAVITY)
Volume (L) 0.05-2.5 (2-cavity) 3-6 (1-cavity) 0.05-2.5 (4-cavitv) 3-6 (2-cavity)
Theoretical output (Pcs/h) 0.1L-0.5L: 4400-5600 0.1L-0.5L: 7000-8600
Max. height (mm) 350 350
Max. diameter (mm) 35-110(2-cavity) 35-110(4-cavity)
Max. mould plate dimension (LxH) (mm) 350x360 350x640
Max. mould thickness (mm) 180-260 180-260
Clamping force (KN) 180x2 360x2
Mould opening stroke (adjustable) (mm) 180-260 180-260
Power (Kw) 15x2 25x2
Voltage/Frequency (V/Hz) 220-380/50-60 220-380/50-60
Main body dimension (LxWxH) (M) 1.9x1.8x2.2 2.7x1.9x2.2
Main body weight (T) 4.5 6
Conveyor dimension (LxWxH) (M) 1.7x1.2x2.2 1.8x1.4x2.2
Conveyor weight (T) 0.8 1.1

Lantytk® Corp is a professional manufacturer and supplier of fully automatic blow moulding machine in China. Besides full-automatic bottle blowing machine, we also have semi-automatic blow molding machine, bottle unscrambler, pure water production line, folder gluer, laminating machine, paper coating machine, flexo label printing machine, paper scroll unwinder cutter and other printing equipment. We are sure to provide our customers with the best fully automatic blow moulding machine at competitive price.

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