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FMZ Automatic Flute Laminator

1. Safety for user will be considered in the machine design.
2. Automatic feeding for face paper and bottom paper.
3. Easy operation & fault diagnosis can be provided during production by integrated control with PLC.
4. For the crucial function part of the automatic flute laminating machine, electrical parts adopt famous international brand of component like bearing.
5. With elastic front register positioning, the bottom paper never go beyond the face paper, the front-and-back distance between the top paper and the bottom paper is adjustable, easy to laminate together.
6. Available for laminating bottom cardboard more than 450g/㎡ with top cardboard, and for laminating paperboard with A/B/C/D/E flute corrugated cardboard & corrugated board.
7. Automatic flute laminating machine is with standard face paper correction system, so that high precision laminate can be improved.

Use and characteristics of Automatic Flute Laminating Machine:
1. Discontinuous water-circulating system ensures clean washing.
2. Turn up bridge plate is easy to clean.
3. Automatic feeding for bottom paper, manual feeding for face paper (feeding from side for face paper is optional).
4. This automatic flute laminating machine, with flexible front register, bottom paper does not go beyond the face paper.
5. The front-and-rear lamination between face paper and bottom paper can be adjusted.
6. Bottom paper can be paperboard more than 350gsm, A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated cardboard.
7. Intelligent control and compacted energy-saving and controlling play from the stack of paper.
8. Adopting high-precision plastic block device, glue-saving.
9. Side feeding is optional for face paper.

Optional: PLC control, lengthening compression part.
Parameter of Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
Model FMZ-1300 FMZ-1450 FMZ-1650
Max sheet size 1300 × 1,100 mm 1450 × 1,100 mm 1650 × 1,650 mm
Min sheet size 400 × 400 mm 400 × 400 mm 400 × 400 mm
Total electric consumption 15 kW 15 kW 22 kW
Weight of top paperboard 200 - 450 g/m2 200 - 450 g/m2 200 - 450 g/m2
Laminating tolerance ±1.5 mm ±1.5 mm ±1.5 mm
Max speed 5,500 s/h 5,500 s/h 5,500 s/h
Weight 5.8 T 6.2 T 6.5 T
Overall Dimensions 12.76 × 2.2 × 2.56 m 12.76 × 2.4 × 2.56 m 13.5 × 2.6 × 3.0 m
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