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Paper Scroll Unwinder Cutter

Paper Scroll Unwinder Cutter

This HSE-A4 paper scroll unwinder cutter is a kind of paper processing machine for paper scroll unwinding, cutting counting and finally transferring it to paper output for packing. It is a double-rotary cutter. This machine is suitable for advanced paper, such as advanced copy paper, advanced writing paper, advanced wood paper, and fanfold paper, etc. Regarding the paper length, it can process A4 paper or the longer edging of 297㎜ for your requirement.

1. There are four advanced control tension systems.
2. It is equipped with four control off-tracking structures.
3. It is also with four anti-wrap structures.
4. Five score out striping upper and lower knife sets.
5. One in-phase cross-cutting upper and lower knife set
6. For the transportation, there are three hi-speed paper transport systems and Two low-speed paper transport systems
7. And also there is waste paper discharging devices.
8. It is equipped with 2D vibration paper collection devices. Waste paper discharge devices
9. The paper counting machine is PLC controlled.
10. For the out put, there is longitudinal and cross paper output devices.
11. There is failure alarm device with PLC displayed.

Why choose us? Specification of HSE-A4 Paper Scroll Unwinder Cutter:
Working width Gross width:900 mm, Net width:840 mm.
Diameter of winding shaft Max.Φ1200 mm ; Min.Φ600 mm.
Paper quality class Advanced paper, such as advanced copy paper, advanced writing paper and advanced wood paper, etc.
Paper length This paper cutter is designed to process A4 paper ,and the longer edging of the A4 is 297㎜.
Production speed Max. 0-120m/min (depend on different paper).
Paper output capacity 12000sheet/min.
Precision of paper cutting Permissible error: ±0.2㎜.
Transmission AC frequency conversion stepless speed adjusting.
Control voltage 220V AC/24V DC
Compressed air consume 300NL/min
Cutting-edge 10㎜×2
Segments 4-A4 and the shorter edge is210㎜
Diameter of winding shaft core 3'' (76.2㎜) or 6'' (152.4㎜)or set in accordance with the requirements of customers.
Weight scope of paper 60-100g /㎡
Ream paper 500 pages and the maximum height of ream paper is 65㎜
Cutting times 404 times/min
Paper cutting load max:400g/㎡(4x100g/㎡) 
Paper cutting condition 1. A uniform speed. 2. No break of the winding shaft. 3. Cutting all paper on one time. 4. The paper shall be qualified.
Main power supply 3Phs 380V 50HZ
Installed capacity 32KW
Compressed air pressure 6bar

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper processing, printing and packaging machinery for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of paper scroll unwinder cutter, paper processing, printing and packaging and its trend of development. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

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