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FMQF Full Automatic High Speed Flute Laminator

1. FMQF Full Automatic High Speed Flute Laminator is available for continuous production from paper feeding to laminating, compressing and finally delivery to non-stop automatic down stacker. Maximum production speed can be as fast as 9000 sheet/hour.
2. Newly-designed single sheet flute laminating equipment with high automation, which fit for high speed lamination between cardboard paper and corrugated paper.
3. Flexibility for paper to match the specific industry needs.
4. High precision laminate and reliable performance make it suitable for high quality and large volume production.
5. Automatic in line pile reversing system is applied to this flute laminating machine.

Features of Flute Laminator
1. Equipped with high speed automatic feeder, maximum speed up to 130m/min, the feeding efficiency up to 8000 sheet/hour.
2. Strength the main body, available for high-speed operation of the machine.
3. Careful design optimized for various parts of the detail according to the use’s customary to ensure the safety and ease of operation.
4. The Flute Laminator is equipped with the multi-point monitoring video to observe the working status of the main working parts, making the operation smarter and humane.

Configurations of Flute Laminator
1. Top sheet section
This flute laminating machine adopts non-stop automatic feeder.
High speed feeder with Maxium speed reaching 12000 times/hour.
Equipped with pneumatic side register, top sheet can be transported to laminating unit more accurately.
Side-loading can be optional.

2. Bottom sheet feeder
Imported high quality suction belt makes feeding performance stablized.
Optional servo driving system is available, and maxium feeding speed can reach 9000 sheet/hour.
Sheet range: single face flute A, B, C, E, F and double face flute.
Vacuum suction feeding.

3. Gluing & laminating unit
1. Glue consumption can be saved by chromed gluing roller.
2. Automatic warning for glue shortage and automatic glue supplying according to glue level between rollers. Glue overflow can be avoided.
3. Positioning of top and bottom paper can be optimized for accurate lamination.
4. Elastic front register can prevent bottom sheet from exceeding.

4. Non-stop automatic stacker
Non-stop paper delivery for continuous production without shut down of paper download.
Full automatic process with simple operation.

5. Pile reversing system
1. Automatically reversing pile of paper and then delivering to down stacker without stop.
2. Improving the production quality and efficiency rapidly.
3. Reducing the problem of paper curve after lamination, labor cost-saving for restacking.

6. Compression unit of Flute Laminator
1. Compression speed is adjustable with inverter for different paper and glue.
2. Floating compression unit can be adjusted.
3. Durable high quality compression belt.

7. Component of Flute Laminating Machine
The most important driving parts only adopt NSK bearing.
High quality main electrical components like from Schneider are used to provide reliable system of performance and ease of maintenance.

8. Operation
Integrated touch screen control with friendly interface.
User can easily control the whole producing process with the ease of operation.

Model FMQF-1300                 FMQF-1480 FMQF1650 
Max. Forma t(W × L) 1,300 × 1,300 mm (51" × 51") 1,480 × 1,300 mm    (58" × 51")   1,650 × 1,650 mm    (64" × 64")
Min. Format (W × L)  400 × 400 mm (15.7" × 15.7")  400 × 400 mm (15.7" × 15.7")   400 × 400 mm (15.7" × 15.7")
Max. Sheet Thickness 8 mm  8 mm   8 mm
Max. Speed 130 m/min  130 m/min    130 m/min
Top sheet 250~450 g/m²  250~450 g/m²   250~450 g/m²
Bottom Sheet A.B.C.E.F flute and double flute  A.B.C.E.F flute and double flute   A.B.C.E.F flute and double flute
Lamination Tolerance ±1.5 mm  ±1.5 mm    ±1.5 mm
Power Consumption 33 kW 33 kW  38 kW
Dimensions (L × W x H) 24.4 × 2.75 × 3.12 m 24.4 × 2.95 ×3.12 m  24.44 × 3.15 × 3.12 m
Weight 9.5 T 10.0 T  12.8 T
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