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Automatic Case Maker

Automatic Case Maker

1. AFM Series Automatic Case Maker (Book Cover Making Machine)
This AFM series automatic case maker (book cover making machine) is mainly used to making hard cover for book, such as notebook, calendars, hanging calendars, album (photo book), to name a few.
This machine is equipped with feeding system, automatic positioning device. It is with the advantage of accurate, quick positioning, and beautiful finished products.

1. For the feeding device, it is simple and reasonable, controlled pneumatically, and adopted with back-push feeding system.
2. There is width between the stacker and feeding table, and the space is adjusted concentrically in the centre, and the operation is very easy without tolerance.
3. There is newly designed copper scraper that can cooperate with the rubber more compactly, this in turns avoiding paper scraper effectively
4. We use imported ultrasonic paper tester, to keep two pieces paper from entering into the machine at the same time.
5. For the cardboard feeder, it is controlled by linear guide line and servo motor, leading to correct and quick. When lack of cardboard, it can automatically stop, reducing waste
7. We use power-full sucker motor for the case maker (book cover making machine), to keep the paper without any movement.
8. We adopt imported high-precise photoelectric control device for feeding and positioning system, which in turns makes the paper and cardboard location more accurate.
9. Regarding the folding unit, we adopt special automatic angle-repair, edge-repair to ensure the qualification of finished products.
10. PLC controlled, troubles are displayed directly on the HIM, helping the operator easily remove them.

Why choose us? Main Specification of Automatic Case Makers:
Model AFM540/540A AFM450/450A AFM450AL/450L AFM540A/540L
Paper size (A×B) Min:130×230mm Max:570×830mm Min:130×230mm Max:480×830mm Min:130×230 mm Max:480×1030mm Min:130×230 mm Max:570×1030mm
Paper thickness Thickness (T) 100-200gsm 1-3 mm
Finished product size (W×L) Max:540×800 mm Min:200×200 mm Max:450×800 mm Min:100×200 mm Max:450×1000mm Min:100×200 mm Max:540×1000mm Min:200×200mm
Spine (S) 10mm
Folded paper size (R) 10–18 mm
Max quantity of cardboard 6pieces
Precision Production speed Motor power Heater power ±0.50 mm ≦25 sheets/min 5kw/380v 3phase 6 kw ±0.50 mm ≦25 sheets/min 5kw/380v 3phase 6 kw ±0.50 mm ≦22 sheets/min 5kw/380v 3phase 6 kw ±0.50 mm ≦22 sheets/min 5kw/380v 3phase 6 kw
Machine weight Machine dimension 3300kg / 3500kg L8200×W2300mm 3000kg / 3200kg L8200×W2200mm 3600kg / 3300kg L9000×W2200mm 3900kg / 3500kg L9000×W2300mm

1. The max and min sizes of the covers are subjected quality of the paper.
2. The production capacity is 25 cover per minute, while, the speed depends on the sizes of the covers.

2. SK350 Series Automatic Case Maker (Book Cover Making Machine)
This type SK350 series automatic case maker (book cover making machine) mainly used for making top covers for small-sized hardcover books, such as mini dictionary, etc. It is a kind of compact book cover making machine.

1. It is compact in structure, exquisite overlook and reasonable design.
2. This machine can finish the whole process of paper feeding, gluing, cardboard feeding, location, folding and pressing at one time.
3. It is a machine with heating and glue pump integrated glue.
4. The machine is friendly HMI to areas and just.
5. It is covering small areas only need one person to operate.

Main Specification:
Cover size(Min.)(W×L) Cover size (Max.)(W×L) 80×100 mm 200×350 mm
Paper thickness Cardboard thickness Spine width 100-200 gsm 1-3 mm 8 mm
Max quantity of cardboard Production speed 3pieces ≤15sheet/min
Heating weight Motor power 6kw 1.5kw/380v 3phase
Machine weight Machine dimension(L×W×H) 500kg L1750×W1500×H1300mm

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of case maker, laminating machine, flexographic printer for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of paper bag making machine, paper coating machine, laminating machine, flexographic printer, paper processing, printing and packaging and its trend of development. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

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