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No Glue Film Laminating Machine

QGFJ-720/1100 No Glue Film Laminating Machine

This QGFJ-720/1100 no glue film laminating machine (glueless paper film laminator) is a automatic laminating equipment with no-glue/pre-coated. This machine is with the advantage of higher production efficiency, smooth running and more humanization, as it can work with a laminating speed up to 50 m/min, and operate paper thickness range of 100-500 g/m2. This machine possesses electricity, gas and phonic, result in ideal equipment for the printing factory to upgrade their products class and improve economic performance.

1. Equipped with non-stop paper feed as well as paper loading function.
2. The front guide with the automatic alignment function can enhance the laminating precision.
3. Regarding the air frame, w use casting structure with high manufacturing precision in turns durable and never deformation performance.
4. Heating roll surface temperature is uniform and stable for the adoption of oil recycles heating system.
5. Automatic hydraulic pressure control system for the laminating rubber roll.
6. There is disc type cutting knife snap machine that can improve the snapping speed for the no glue film laminating machine (glueless paper film laminator).
7. Using imported electric component for the electric part, proving stability.
8. There is frequency conversion for the main frame, leading to adjusted stable working speed and flexile.
9. The human engineering interface design makes the machine easy to be operated and flexible to be use.

Why choose us? Main Specification of QGFJ-720/1100 No Glue Film Laminating Machine :
Model 720 1100
Max paper size 720×940 mm 1050×940 mm
Min paper size 300×300 mm
Suit thickness 100-500 g/m2
Working speed 5-50 m/min
Laminating temperature 80-120 ℃
Overall dimension(L×W×H) 8×1.5×1.8 m 8×1.9×1.8 m
Total power 17 kw 25 kw
Total weight 3000 kg 4000 kg

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of laminating machine, paper coating machine, case maker for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of rigid box maker (rigid box production line), paper cutter, flexographic printer, flexo die cutter and its trend of development. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

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