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ZB100J Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine

ZB100J Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine

As a highly intelligent machine boasting compact and aesthetic structure, easy operation and durable service life, ZB100J paper bag handle pasting machine rids you of manual work and will bring substantial development and generous profits to your enterprise through machine operation.

As a highly intelligent and compact device, ZB100J paper bag handle pasting machine adopts a four-axis servo motor and combines onto it technologies from lighting, mechanics, electrics, pneumatics, motion control and etc. This paper bag handle pasting machine processes automatically handle and bags without handle in the following procedures: handle feeding, bag feeding, gluing, pasting, compressing, and finished bag outputting. When operated with 450J web feeding bag making machine together, its efficiency can be substantially improved, greatly lowering your costs.

Operation Procedure
Handle Placing—Handle Gluing—Handle Docking
Handle Preparing—Bag Feeding—Top Opening—Finished Bag Outputting

Applicable Paper
Only kraft paper is applicable on this pasting machine.
  A B
Max. size 600mm 450mm
Min. size 200mm 200mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB100J Paper Bag Handle Pasting Machine
Bottom Width 180-450mm
Output Bag Length 180-450mm
Total Power 3KW
Machine Size 3500×2000×1600mm
Total Weight 1.5T
Speed Per Minutes 30-40pcs/min
Glue Type Hot-melt Glue

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