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Why choose Pripack?
Our Lantytk® Corp Co., LTD has been recognized by many people and won a good reputation in recent years. Why do customers still choose to cooperate with us rather than finding those manufacturers directly? Here I want to introduce our advantages.

1. Specialty
Our company is very professional. We pay high attention to every customer and meet their requirements; you'll save both time and energy to the fullest extents if you work with us. Supposing that you find the manufacturers directly, some of them may think it is a trouble for them. They may express their impatience and some other negative emotion for sure if you want to post some samples or buy some small products.
We know about all the printing and packaging machines very well, not only the solo machine but also the whole production line. Not like the manufacturers, who only knows about their own products, which is narrow and limited.
Just think that a printing line may need different machines like foil stamping machine, die cutting machine, laminating machine, coating machine, cutting machine and so on, it may be a great trouble for one factory to assemble all those machines well.

2. Technology Integration
We are keeping on researching in the Packaging and Printing field, and never stop reading various newspapers and magazines and study on the latest technology all the time. That's why we can let the engineers configure and assemble many production lines, connect all kinds of machines to work according to customers' requirements, which is a great challenge for a factory.

3. Marketing
Old times we climaxed our reputation through the internet, but now we take part in many printing and packaging exhibition so that we can talk with more direct customers. Moreover, we have our own website to expand our market by E-mail and data bank. Through years of marketing experience we get more and more professional in this field and sure to offering reasonable printing and packing solutions

4. Sales
Our sales have the great talents for each profession, who are all from the famous universities. They can advise every kind of product information to customers and provide them a best idea because they are experienced and sensible.

5. Suppliers
Our company has been strongly supported by many responsible suppliers in recent years; they are famous and powerful at home. The most important thing is that their products have high quality with very reasonable price. Those suppliers are all 400 KM around and all the machines for the   production line can be made around our company.

6. After-sales Service
Responsibility is our motto. Once customers' machine has any problems after the installation, we will solve it perfectly. This is another reason why so many customers have been willing to cooperate with us so far. Supposing that you buy different machines from different factories in China, it will be a big problem for the installation and maintenance.

To get a perfect printing packing solution is to choose a professional team to work with you; through talking with us we think you can get useful suggestion for your printing & packing works. So for more detailed information, please send us inquiry. We wish a chance to provide our best service to you.

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