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Automatic Screen Press

YB Series 3/4 Automatic Screen Press

This YB series 3/4 automatic screen press consists of printing machine, take-off set machine and UV dryer. It is suitable for the flexible material printing, such as paper produce. This equipment is 3/4 automatically, with the printing stock fed by hand, and takeoff automatically. When the printing process is finished, the printing arm will put up, and then the take off set machine will extend into the finished product between the arm and the plane, suck and pull out the printed stock, then transfer it to next process of drying solidify or collection.

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper processing, printing and packaging machinery for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of flexo die cutter, folder gluer, laminating machine, paper coating machine and its trend of development. With high quality assurance, our products are popular in markets including Ukraine, Russia period, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, to name a few. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best products at competitive price.

Why choose us? Main Technical Variables of YB Series 3/4 Automatic Screen Press:
Screen printing part YB-750C/750II YB-960C/960II YB-1020C/1280II
Top speed 1100pcs/h 1000pcs/h 900pcs/h
Space of printing paper 700×500㎜ ≤500g/㎡ 900×600㎜ ≤500g/㎡ 1020×700㎜ ≤500g/㎡
Power 15.5kw 16.5kw 17kw
Weight(about) 1400kg 1550㎏ 1650㎏
Overall dimension 6600×1050×1540㎜ 6800×1180×1700㎜ 6900×1400×1850㎜
Take-off Set
Top speed 1200pch/h
Speed of paper 720㎜(W) 500g/㎡
Power 220V 290W
Weight 350㎏
Overall dimension 2000×1000×1100㎜
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