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ZB600C-240 Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

ZB600C-240 Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

ZB600C-240 sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is an excellent choice for manufacturers to mass produce mid-range and top grade handbags of high quality. Meanwhile, it has been recognized by customers at home and abroad due to its superior performance and quality. Its up-to-standard operation procedure and advanced data management solutions makes the bag making process stable and speedy.

1. This sheet-feeding paper bag making machine integrates technologies from mechanics, electrics, lighting, pneumatics and finishes all at once automatically paper feeding, positioning, creasing, tube folding, bottom folding, gluing, compressing, and collecting.
2. By the adoption of PLC programmable control and frequency control technology, the machine achieves integral multi-dimensional controlling, multiple spot centralized controlling, and single point remote controlling.
3. ZB600C-240 sheet-feeding paper bag making machine can produce traceless bags because it employs variable speed drive technology and vertical and horizontal creasing system.
4. It is operated and controlled easily, adjusted and maintained conveniently, and thus is efficient, ranking in leading position in domestic market.
5. This sheet-feeding paper bag making machine satisfies different needs of customers due to its equipment of big and small side pasting device, as well as hot-melt and water-soluble cold glue device.
6. It conducts non-stop paper feeding due to its employment of advanced pre-stack paper feeder.
7. The sheet fed paper bag making machine significantly shortens adjusting time due to its advanced screw rod adjustment system.  

Operation Procedure
Sheet Feeding —Gluing —Tube Forming—Side Pasting—Compressing
Outputting—Tubing—Bottom Folding—Gluing—Bottom Pasting—Finished Bag Outputting

Applicable Paper:
Kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, and white cardboard (including film-laminated paper) are all applicable on this sheet fed paper bag making machine.
  A B C D E
Max. Size 600mm 410mm 100mm 240mm 320mm
Min. size 325mm 210mm 50mm 100mm 120mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB600C-240 Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
Max. Sheet(LXW) 600×410mm
Min. Sheet(LXW) 325×210mm
Sheet Weight 80-190gsm
Bag Width 100-240mm
Bottom Width 50-100mm
Bag Length 120-320mm
Total Power 9kw
Machine Size 13000×1850×1850mm
Speed 70-100pcs/min
Total Weight 9T
Glue Type Water Soluble Cold Glue(hot-melt glue)

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