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SGJ-UV1100/1300 Automatic Spot Coating Machine

Performance and characteristics:
With accurate and even spot coating register by blanket or flexo plate, this SGJ-UV1100/1300 Automatic Spot Coating Machine can be used for overall and spot varnishing on thick paper and light. It is applicable to spot or overall coating on graphics in books, words, color paperboard, and advertisement sheets to improve its dimensional quality. It has many safety-ensuring operating procedures and safeguard for users. The machine also adopts imported elements for electrical components and main bearings.

Feeding section of Spot Coating Machine:
High-speed free from lubrication and maintenance, controlled by simple cam, and with easy concentrated adjustment as well as paper deflection system monitored by imported needle seniors for front and bonding of mechanical action and side paper stoppers, sheets well-positioning and correct register can be ensured. When there is sheet deflection, pneumatic paper-pressing mechanism will be in action and feeding will stop to avoid waste and protect plate roller.
Pre-stack table for machine non-stop is optional.

Varnishing section:
Plate roller and Gripper transportation system impression roller are pressed and released pneumatically. Reverse running rollers in UV varnish supply system makes coating smoother and even. The UV tank system of automatical water control makes it keep its leveling property at any temperature.
Chamber doctor blade system with ceramic anilox is optional.

IR drying section of Spot Coating Machine
Application to water-based varnish is optional.

UV curing section
UV curing section consists of electrical control, mirror reflection plate, high-voltage mercury lamp, and cooling, air-exhausting systems. Equipped with with the automatic temperature control system, sheets deformation can be avoided. Full-capacity and half-capacity are designed for lamps, that is say, all lamps is working when in normal operation, and when short of paper, the lamps will switch into half capacity automatically to save power.

Delivery section of Spot Coating Machine
The designation of turnover safety door improves operating convenience for users. Smooth big-size paper delivery can be ensured by speed-regulating suction roller mechanism for delivery, cooling paper-pressing fans.

Why choose us?

Air cooling system is optional to keep cooling quality

Model SGJ-UV1100 SGJ-UV1300
Max. sheet size 800×1100 mm  850 x 1285 mm
Max. coating size 760 × 1060 mm  800 x 1260 mm
Min. sheet size 310 × 400 mm  310 x 400 mm
Max. working speed 5,000 s/h  5,000 s/h
Total electric consumption 51 kW  51 kW
No. × UV power 3 ×9.75 kW  3 × 9.75 kW
No. × IR power(optional)  15 × 1.5 kW  15 × 2 kW
Paper weight  80-450 g/m2  80-450 g/m2
 Weight  6.6 T   7.5 T
 overall dimensions  7.6 x 2.6 x 2.1 m  7.6 x 2.9 x 2.1 m