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ZBS-320/320G Label Flexographic Printer

ZBS-320/320G Label Flexographic Printer

The ZBS-320/320G label flexographic printer is a kind of flexo logo printing machine with three die-cutting stations. The equipment can finish the whole process of material-feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, die-cutting, and rewinding and sheeting in a lump. It is an idea note flexo printing machine and top-grade adhesive label flexo printing machinery with 5 color print ability.

1. Ceramic anilox cylinder for ink transfer.
2. 360° plate adjustment for each unit.
3. With 3 die-cutting stations. The first 2 station can do double sides working; as the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter.
3. There is computerized web-guiding system in the printing unit, ensuring the material always in the right position. (Standard configuration).
4. The conveyer belt will out put the product orderly after sheeting in the third die-cutting station.
5. There is magnetic powder controls the unwinding and rewinding tension. And also the rewinder is available for this machine.
6. There is also video inspection system for option, which can watch the printing quality even in high speed.
7. For the ink roller, it will be separated from the printing roller, and keep running when the machine stops.
8. Main machine inverter is imported.

Why choose us? Main Specification of ZBS-320/320G Label Flexographic Printer:
Model ZBS-320 ZBS-320G
Printing speed 50 m/min 55 m/min
Printing color 5 color
Max. web width 320 mm
Max. printing width 310 mm
Max. unwinding diameter 600 mm 650 mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600 mm 650 mm
Printing length 175-355 mm
Precision of chromatography ±0.1 mm
Dimensions(L×W×H) 2000×1100×2600 mm 2600×1100×2600 mm
Weight: 2200kg 3350kg

Founded in 2009, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper coating machine, case maker, paper bag making machine, rigid box maker (rigid box production line) for customers around the world. We are very familiar with international market of flexo die cutter, folder gluer, laminating machine, paper cutter and its trend of development. With high quality assurance, our products are popular in markets including Ukraine, Russia period, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, to name a few. With products of high quality assurance and CE certificated, we are sure to provide our customers with the best label flexographic printer at competitive price.

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