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ZH-ZX2000/2400 Automatic Folder Gluer

Performance and characteristic:
This automatic folder gluer is mainly applied to the carton gluing and folding, which is composed of three parts, that is, automatic feeder, automatic glue folding part and automatic count stacking part. Digital display speed control, PLC computer adjustment, dual-frequency synchronous operation, making the control mode of the machine simple, fast, reliable and precise. Our machines are highly appreciated for be efficient, energy saving, environmental friendly and for ensuring maximum productivity.

Features of Folder Gluer
1. For paper-transferring mode, leading edge belt suction is adopted.
2. For the thickness of the corrugated board, 2-8mm. can be suitable.
3. The height of paper-pressing wheel can adjust.
4. Greater and more reliable operational efficiency can be ensured.
5. The machine has a strong and perfect packaging effect.
6. Simple operation, easy maintenance.
7. Counting and stacking output will be operated pneumatically.
8. The use of PLC control makes production reliable, quick and accurate.

Parameter of Automatic Folder Gluer:

Model                                    ZH-ZX2000               ZH-ZX2400
Max. carton size                           1,000 × 2,000 mm            1,000 × 2,400 mm
Min. carton size                              300 × 680 mm             300 × 800 mm
The average speed of working                   100 pc/min               100 pc/min
Max. speed of working                        180 pc/min                180 pc/min
Installation area                             2.8 × 12.5 m              3.2×12.5 m
Total electric consumption                     10.5 kW                 10.5 kW
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