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Auto Roll to Roll Non-woven Fabric Printing Machine (Single Color/Double Color)

Auto Roll to Roll Non-woven Fabric Printing Machine

Lantytk® mainly provides FB-NWF120101 and FB-NWF12010II automatic roll to roll non-woven fabric printing machines (single color and double color). Compared to FB-NWF120101 model, FB-NWF12010II roll to roll screen printing machine has higher printing speed, larger size and heavier weight. They are both basically composed of feeding part, printing part, drying part and collecting part.  They are widely applied to various sizes of printing screen frames.

Performance and Features
1. Our automatic non-woven fabric printing machines can realize automatic feeding printing, drying and collecting. This can save labor and overcome restraints caused by weather conditions.
2. With balanced pressure and high ink thickness, Pripack roll to roll screen printing machines are suitable for printing on high-quality non-woven products.
3. Big-size printing area to print multiple layouts can greatly improve work efficiency.
4. Automatic non-woven fabric printing machines are featured with high precision of printing controlled by servo motor.
5. Before and after full page printing, effective space between images can be reduced to minimum (about 1cm). Our roll to roll screen printing machines effectively reduce the material waste.
6. Pripack automatic non-woven fabric printing machine can be connected with non-woven bag making machine to produce bags automatically.
In all, this intermittent printing machine (intermittent label offset printer) ZX-320 is an ideal choice for print firms to produce the high-grade adhesive labels.

Why choose us? Technical Specifications:
Max. Printing Size 1200 mm × 1100 mm 1200 mm × 1100 mm
Non-woven Fabric Rolls Width 1250 mm 1250 mm
Non-woven Fabric Thickness 45 to 100 g/m2 45 to 100 g/m2
Max. Diameter of Rolls 800 mm 800 mm
Printing Speed 500 to 1100 m/h 500 to 800 m/h
Voltage and Total Power 380 v 3p4n 24 kW 380 v 3p4n 65 kW
Machine Size 10500 × 1800 × 1720 (mm) 21500 × 1800 × 1720 (mm)
Weight 2000 kg 4000 kg
  Basic Structure Feeding Part, Printing Part, Drying Part and Collecting Part Feeding Part, Printing Part, Drying Part and Collecting Part

Lantytk® is a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic roll to roll screen printing machines in China. We also supply paper cutter, offset printer, flexographic press, hot foil stamping machine, die cutting machine, folder gluer, laminating machine, case maker, bag making machine, rigid box maker and woven bag production line. Our non-woven fabric printing machines have obtained CE certificate. We are able to provide our customers with high quality roll to roll screen printing machines at competitive prices.

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