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Three Knife Trimmer

QS380B Three-knife Trimmer

This QS380B three knife trimmer (3 knife book trimming machine) consists of machine frame, transmission, book pressing machine, cam, side cutting machine, front cutter, book feeding equipment, book arranging device, delivery, electric component and so on.

Structure and Function:
1. There is fully rolling bearing structure and splash lubrication for the main transmission and the gear box is perfect with leak-proof performance.
2. Regarding the book arranging device, the three-knife trimmer (3 knife book trimming machine) adopts mechanical arm and assisted by transmitting belt, leading to stable and orderly delivering.
3. It is easy for operation; the operator just need to put the book into book feeder and all process can be finished automatically. The book auto locating of the machine is precise.
4. This machine is specially designed and obdurate to avoid paper scraps getting in.
5. There is foot switch for magnetic brake.
6. We adopt a quick locating knife bed on the front cutter when fixing cutting knife, so that to reduce the risk of accident.
7. There is a knife layer fixed on the three-knife trimmer (3 knife book trimming machine) to protect book back from been torn when cutting.
8. There is imported frequency converter used as main motor adopts, and also book counter on the delivery, displays.

Why choose us? Main Specification of QS380B Three Knife Trimmer
Model QS380B
Max Book cutting length(mm) 380×300
Min Book cutting length(mm) 80×80
Max Book cutting Height(mm) 100
Max cutting speed(time/mm) 25
Total power (kw) 3
Dimension (mm) 1940×2170×1600
Net weight(kg) 2200

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