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ZB60B Handbag Bottom Gluing Machine

ZB60B Handbag Bottom Gluing Machine

ZB60B handbag bottom-gluing machine is an excellent choice for manufactures to paste exquisite bag bottoms. This gluing machine reforms the traditional production method, efficiently avoiding leaking and spraying misses of glue by the adoption of water soluble glue. Its optimized operation procedure is continuous, consistent and accurate and therefore improves the bag quality and provides you with high productivity and high added value.

On this gluing machine, the bag bottom is first delivered to the conveyor unit by vacuum suction and is afterwards pasted by water soluble glue after being positioned. The gluing machine is unique for automatic compaction and the delivery of outputted bags one after another. The motor speed frequency control enables its users to adjust the glue amount and position at their own will. The high precision of this handbag bottom-gluing machine improves quality of bags and its speedy easy operation substantially shortens delivery time, largely expanding operational capacity.

Applicable Paper
Kraft paper, art paper, white board paper, and white cardboard (including film laminating paper) are all applicable paper on this handbag bottom gluing machine.
  A B C
Max. Size 600mm 450mm 180mm
Min. Size 200mm 200mm 60mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB60B Handbag Bottom Gluing Machine
Bottom Width 60-180mm
Total Power 3kw
Machine Size 8140×1600×1380mm
Speed 100pcs/min
Total Weight 2T
Glue Type Water Soluble Cold Glue

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