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SGJ-UI620W Automatic Spot Coating Machine

This machine offers coating solution for both spot and overall coating with both UV or water-based varnish on thick paper or light. It ensures accurate overprint and even spot printing register.
SGJ-UI620W automatic spot coating machine can be used for overall and spot coating on words and pictures in books and magazines, advertisements, color paperboard to improve paper with good finish & image protection and printing quality.
Man-machine interaction with PLC provides easy operation and fault diagnosis during production. Due to automatic working process from feeding to delivery, safety requirement for use is widely considered in the machine design.
Well-designed inner circulation frame prevents UV ray exhausted air from leakage, which offers an environmentally friendly way to apply a finish to the printing.
For the most important functioning part of the machine, some famous international brands like electrical parts, bearing are utilized.
With the advantage of smart industrial design, easy moving function on wheel, accurate spot coating & perfect coating result, automatic spot coating machine can be applied to small sized printing product.
And it is also recommended to be used as post printing equipment within a digital printing solution.

Configurations of 1620WAutomatic Spot Coating Machine
1. Feeding section
High-speed multi-point feeding and it is easy to operate and adjust.

2. Gripper transportation system
Reverse rotating roller control can offer better coating evenness.
Pneumatic varnish pump provides stable varnish supplement.

3. Varnishing section of Automatic Spot Coating Machine
This machine is for coating with water-based varnish.

4. UV curing section
Equipped with high efficiency curing system with cooling system inside

5. Stacker

Flappable safety cover can also provide easy operation for user. Jogger with fan cooling can ensure the delivery in order.

Why choose us?

Max. Coating Size(mm) 440 × 605 mm
Max. Paper Size(mm) 450 ×620 mm
Min. Paper Size(mm) 210 × 260 mm
Paper Weight Range 80 - 350 g/m2
Max. Speed 4,500 s/h
UV Lamp power 5.6 kW × 2
IR Lamp power 1.8 kW ×2
Dimensions 3,000 × 1,100 × 1,400 mm
Total Power 16 kW
Total Weight 1350 kg