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Offset Perfector

ZMB104-AL Offset Perfector

This ZMB104-AL offset perfector (offset perfecting press) is double side offset perfecting printing machine. It is the models of the alcoholic dampening system offset perfecting printing. This machine is suitable for the high-grade printing such as fine manual books, advertising and magazines, school books and readings, high quality tool-books, etc.

This machine has many advantages classified as high productivity and efficiency, Perfect presswork, easy operation and multi-functional, safe and reliable, explaining as follows.

High productivity and efficiency
1. This machine can get to a speed up to 12000 sheets/h as well as broad width up to 175lines/inch.
2. By means of adoption of high grade device, such as quick plate changing mechanism, the electric controlled precise plate tightening device, the patented rubber sheet bidirectional tensioning device, the machinery can load and change plate more quickly and easily, and in turns reduce stoppage interval.
3. Continuous running for the non-stop sheet feeding and delivery stacking.

Perfect presswork
1. Simultaneous press on both sides leads to the matching of both sides; the form roller can be adjusted in axial direction, no need to stop the machine, which makes a high precise print.
2. There is rubber sheet blowing device that can reduce the affect of damp liquid residue on paper distortion.
3. Adjustable and separated type plate clamps are optional for adjusting fractional error of form resulted from paper distortion. All those lead to a limited paper distortion impact.

Easy operation and multi functional
1. This machine adopt screen touching and human machine interface controlled, it is flexible and easy for operation.
2. Regarding the link color, the machine can equipped with independent servo motor for stepless linking.
3. The offset perfector (offset perfecting press) is able to get a higher speed in tissue pressing.
4. Paper adaptability. Equipped with gripping adjustable grippers, the machine can be adjusted depending upon the paper of users. Additionally, the machine is fitted with external adjustable device.

Safe and reliable
1. Feeding rollers, former rollers are coated with stainless steel, anti-corrosive; the whole machine is stable and durable.
2. The offset perfector (offset perfecting press) is partially enclosed, in the meanwhile, there are some security mechanism for the operating part on the machine,  such as  protective hood of mechanically linked security control mechanism and bumper linked security mechanism.

Why choose us?

Main Specification of ZMB104-AL Offset Perfector:

Max Paper Size(mm) 720×1040
Min Paper Size (mm) 360×520
Max Printing Size(mm) 710×1030
Max. Printing Speed(sheet/hour) 11000
Paper Thickness(mm) 0.04~0.3
Feeding Pile Height(mm) 1200
Delivery Pile height(mm) 1000
Main Machine Power(kw) 18.5
Total Power(kw) 35
Weight(kg) 24000
Dimension (L×W×H)(mm) 7580×3400×2480
Configuration for option:
Standard Optional
Non-stop feeder Prepile pallet on feeder
Double sheet detector(mechanical) Double sheet detector(supersonic)
Sheet detector on front regulator Ink fountain speed remoter (preset)
Dampening roller speed remoter Ink roller self-cleaning device
Ink roller speed remoter cocking diagonal remoter
Dampening liquid recycling device Semi-auto plate changing device
Dampening liquid temperature controller Non-stop delivery stacker

More for option:
1. Auto alcohol density controller         
2. Continuous dampening device  
3. Form inking roller pneumatic remoter    
4. Form dampening roller pneumatic remoter     
5. Plate cylinder remoter      
6. Printing pressure adjusting device    
7. Register adjusting device  
8. Impressing clutch pneumatic remoter      
9. Manually plate changing device
10. Power sprayer 
11. Centralized control panel (delivery)      
12. Sampling control platform
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