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Flexo Printing Press

Flexo Printing Press

The flexographic printing machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, printing packing materials such as polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) bag, nylon, cellophane and roll paper, etc. Flexo printing press is used for printing of non woven fabrics and bags available in two colors, four colors, six colors and eight colors.

1. This Flexo printing press (label Flexo printing machine) features easy operation, flexible starting and accurate color register.
2. According to the requirements, the printing machine can set automatically the quantity of the material.
3. The label Flexo printing machine could manage paper-providing, printing, glazing, drying, coating and winding in a whole and complete process.
4. The Flexo printing press has the advantages of less area occupied, wider range of printing, zero pollutants, higher speed, and economic efficiency.
5.The design of label Flexo printing is environmental friendly.
6. Compared to offset printing and gravure printing, Flexo printing press is excellent in water-based inks area.

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Specification of Flexo Printing Press:

Printing material Film, PE, OPP, BOPP etc.
No. of color 8 colors
Max. printing material width: 850mm
Max. printing width 800mm
Printing repeat 400-800mm
Max. machine speed 220m/min
Printing speed: 180m/min, practice speed effected by following:
Printing layout perimeter
Ink and solvent
Printing layout and printing quality
Ink type Water based ink or solvent based ink     
Splice style Stop splicing
Max. Unwind dia φ1000mm
Max. Rewind dia φ1000mm
Driving style Gear driving method

As a professional supplier of Flexo printing press (label Flexo printing machine) in CHINA, Lantytk® Corp has continually focused on providing a wide variety of paper processing, printing and packaging machinery for customers, such as paper cutter (A4 copy paper cutter wrapper/A4 paper cutting packaging machine), can printing machine (metal plate printing machine), flexographic press, hot foil stamping machine, die cutting, folder gluer, etc. With high quality assurance, our Flexo printing press (label Flexo printing machine) are popular in markets including Ukraine, Russia period, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Malawi, Pakistan, South Africa, to name a few.

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