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Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine

As a kind of servo controlled rotary printing equipment, this offset intermittent rotary printing machine is more precise and fast in the production of all labels, such as food and beverage labels, cosmetic labels, wine labels and other labels in general. Due to the adoption of PS plate intermittent printing, this offset intermittent rotary printing machine is suitable for printing small-volume, medium-scale and large quantities of high-grade adhesive labels.

Feature of Intermittent Printing Machine:
1. The adoption of advanced converting technology, this intermittent printing machine can print various labels, such as cards, tickets, tags, boxes, lids, as well as A4 and A3 booklet.
2. This offset intermittent rotary printing machine is driven by the independent digital multi-servo, which can ensure the stable printing registration, speed, and ink kneading etc.
3. The printing quality of this intermittent printing machine is state of the art due to the application of advanced damping system.
4. The materials with different specifications are all suitable as full automatic web tension control as well as tension ratio settings.
5. The clutch device is installed on every unit of offset intermittent rotary printing machine for simple operation and long service life.
6. Utilization of a high precision photoelectrical tracking system, this intermittent printing machine has a super large printing area on both sides to produce wide variety of labels.

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Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine Figure:

Parameter of Offset Intermittent Rotary Printing Machine:

Model ZX-320
Printing speed 50-180 time/min
Printing color 2-6 colors
Max. printing length 350 mm
Max. web width 320 mm
Max. printing width 300 mm
Max. unwinding diameter 600 mm
Max. rewinding diameter 600 mm
Power supply 3phase 380V
Total power 33.6 kW (without UV power)
Dimensions(L×W×H) 8850×1600×1850 mm
Weight 9.5 T

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