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ZB1050S-350 Fully Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

ZB1050S-350 Fully Automatic Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

ZB1050S-350 fully automatic sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is designed to make bags from sheet paper, reel reinforced paper and paper twist rope, especially suitable for packaging clothing and footwear. On this single yet multifunctional machine, two separate working procedures can be conducted, which are, handle making, handle pasting, top folding, tube forming, bottom pasting, compressing, or reinforced paper sticking, top folding, tube forming, eyelets punching, bottom pasting, compressing and outputting. The sheet-feeding paper bag making machine runs fully automatically and its products can be packaged and delivered to its user right after being produced.

Constituent Parts and Their Features of This Paper Bag Making Machine
Handle Feeding Unit: advanced mechanical design; mechanical type automatic adjustment of tension and handle position.

Enhanced Pre-Stack Paper Feeder: non-stop paper feeding; less time to load and adjust raw paper.

Handle Forming Unit: hyperbolic rocker mechanism;US Nordson hot melt adhesive system adopted to control the position and stick length of glue; automatic slitting.

Reinforced Paper Gluing Unit: both manual and automatic control methods being in applications; controlled by the central computer to ensure even glue coated to every bag without over gluing or miss gluing; guaranteed unified quality.

Automatic Creasing and Punching Unit: convenient and affordable two-in-one design capable of automatic creasing and punching.

Front and Side Guides: accurate position of each and every sheet by the align guides, ensuring the uniformity of each batch.

Edge Cutting Unit: online adjustment which boasts two-in-one design, convenient and affordable, laying a good foundation for adhering handle .

Top Folding Unit: controlled by mechanical multi-cam; auto top-folding, improving production efficiency by a wide margin.

Automatic Edge Gluing Unit: patent technology employed; even and stable automatic glue coating.

Automatic Collection Unit: automatic counting, convenient to collect product.

Applicable Paper:
Kraft paper, art paper (including film-laminated paper) are applicable paper on this sheet-feeding paper bag making machine.
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Max. Size 1000mm 550 mm 150 mm 340 mm 490/435 mm
Min. Size 540 mm 350 mm 80 mm 180 mm 250 mm

Main Technical Parameters of ZB1050S-350 Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine
Max. Sheet (LXW) 1000×550mm
Min. Sheet (LXW) 540×350mm
Sheet Weight 90-190gsm
Bottom Width 80-150mm
Bag Width 180-340mm
Handle Length 180mm
Handle Width 45mm
Cord Distance 90mm
Total Power 15kw
Machine Size 16100x5100×3100mm
Speed 45-55pcs/min
Total Weight 16T
Glue Type Water Soluble Cold Glue(hot-melt glue)

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